Handling card payments

The ASERV system was created to handle card payments directly from the level of the POS software. It does not only support payments done with debit/credit cards of international card companies (such as VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club and others), but also payments done with fleet cards, gift cards, mobile payments and other EFT transactions.

Unlike most other available solutions, in which cash registers are connected to a complete card authorization terminal or the so-called “thick” PIN Pad, with a full application for payments, granting authorization directly from the chosen acquirer (settlement agent), we have decided to opt for the solution with the so-called “slim” PIN Pad. In this solution, the authorization granted from the right acquirers takes place in an application running on the central server. This solution has many advantages over the other abovementioned solutions – the most important being: greater flexibility, ease of adding new functionalities and modifying  the existing ones, full transaction control, and the control over the settlements with acquirers.

The ASERV system cooperates with our POS software, and has also been integrated with POS software of other manufacturers, used by large retail chains, who are as well ASERV users.

Flexibility of the solution

  • The communication protocol between the ASERV server and the POS software provides for the possibility of displaying messages on the screen of a cashier, as well as entering responses done by the cashier. This allows for adding new features or modifying methods of handling various transactions without having to introduce changes to the POS software.
  • PIN Pad can be connected to the POS via RS232 or USB port; it is also possible to use PIN Pads with the LAN interface. Changing PIN Pad connection method does not require interference with the POS software.
  • Communication protocol with a PIN Pad supports commands such as: displaying messages on the PIN Pad’s screen, downloading of answers given by customers with the use of the PIN Pad’s keypad, reading cards with different types of readers (magnetic, chip, contactless, and others) - owing to this, it is possible to easily extend or change the functionality without having to modify the application that runs on PIN Pads and to introduce changes in the POS application.

Full transaction control 

Information about all transactions (successful and unsuccessful) are available on the central server – the information can be filtered by any key, required reports may be generated, and the transaction logs can be analyzed if certain errors have to be explained.

Control over the settlements with acquirers 

Transfer of the transaction file, or the account reconciliation, are both done by a central server, giving the full control of the transactions settlement of the whole day. PIN Pad failure during the day has no effect on settling the day.

In cooperation with some acquirers we have implemented the loading of file that contains transactions settled with a particular transfer - it gives a full control of the reconciliations.


  • Sensitive data (such as the card number or the entire second path) is encrypted between a PIN Pad and the ASERV application. 
  • Unlike other solutions (e.g. the aforementioned solutions with "thick" terminals or "thick" PIN Pads), sensitive data is not stored in the terminals / PIN pads.
  • The ASERV application received the PA DSS certificate (payment application security certificate). 
  • Many of our customers (the ASERV users), successfully conducted the PCI DSS audit of their systems.


It is possible to handle a million transactions per day, as well as to deal with the parallel support for 1-2 thousand transactions – that is the efficiency that we have achieved, which is still bound to increase.

Ensuring continuity of transactions service 

The solution with an independent backup server and the intelligent mechanism of switching to the backup server, ensures backup of all crucial elements that can fail.



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