Direct deliveries central control and clearing

It is possible to both record invoices from suppliers in the store’s service program (Market program) and to centrally record invoices for direct deliveries with their settlement. The first solution is used in franchise chains, where points of sale are separate entities, whereas the latter solution is applied in the networks of sales outlets that belong to the owner of the network. In the case of central registration of VAT invoices from direct suppliers (i.e. delivering goods directly to points of sale and not to the distribution centers), the Forcom  system enables the verification of compliance of VAT invoices with delivery documents registered by stores (including returns to the supplier). This mechanism allows to:

  • verify the compliance of purchase prices, stated on the invoice received from a supplier, with purchase prices resulting from the contract with the supplier,
  • verify the compliance of delivered quantities (registered in the documents of goods receipt in the store, including returns to the supplier) with the quantities stated on the invoice,
  • generate a request to issue an invoice adjustment done by the supplier in case of discrepancy in purchase price or quantity,
  • take into account the corrected invoices issued by the supplier.

For the settlement of press deliveries there was a separate mechanism created, not based on the settlement of specific delivery but on periodic settlement of individual items (magazines), for which the sales of certain issues have been completed in the settlement period. Most often, settlements with the supplier of the press look as follows: supplier sends daily list of items that must be prepared to return (unsold copies of the old issue); while providing a new supply, receives the unsold copies of previous editions; once a week supplier issues an invoice for all settled positions.

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