Gas stations

The solution for gas stations has been created for the stations opened by large chains that use the Market program. It can be also successfully applied in gas stations operated by oil companies. This solution has been prepared to work in two versions: at a station with no store and with its own store. In each of these versions POSs can be connected directly to the Market program installed in the supermarket or a separate instance of the this program can be installed at the station. In the latter case, you can maintain different sales prices for gas stations and for the supermarket, as well as keep separate inventories in order to settle and control the gas station - with the flow of data between the Market program in the store and at the station (e.g. by joint reports to central systems).

One of the advantages of the Forcom solutions used at a station by a supermarket operating on the Market software, is the possibility to fully integrate the station with the store (that includes the flow of information about goods, customers, users, transfers of goods between the store and the station) and the ability to run the station from the supermarket and use one ASERV system (support of card payments and other types of electronic transactions) and one loyalty system, which can handle both the supermarket and the station.

Our software enables you to work in one mode for one fueling (the distributor is unlocked upon payment of dues by the customer), in queued fueling mode (after fueling the customer leaves the distributor and drives up to the cashier, and the distributor is immediately ready to handle the next refueling) and night mode - prepaid.

The system can cooperate with the station automatics (pump drivers, measuring devices, and others), support fuel deliveries with conversion to reference temperature, as well as generate reports specific to the station. The system allows for a full support of station fleet cards (the issue, defining the parameters of each card, non-cash sale, balancing with customers), and the implementation of a joint fleet card system for all the stations in the chain. 

An increasingly important element of the gas stations are coffehouses. That’s way our software for gas stations allows you to handle composite goods - from simple sets of "manufactured" at the station (hot dogs and coffee), for which it is possible to define recipes, registration of consumption and supply of components, as well as the service of the so-called “composed sets” for which there is a possibility to select components and quantities with each sale. It is also important that cashier may define promotions, in which benefits are products of the cafeteria (e.g. fuelling for the amount that excesses 100 zlotys and any other purchase of product for the amount of at least 10 zlotys, the customer receives a coupon that allows for the purchase of a set of coffee + hot dog for the price of 5 zlotys), or similar promotion in which collecting 2 vouchers entitles the customer to purchase such a set for 0,01 zlotys.

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