Akart - gift card support

Akart is a software that allows retail chains to fully support their own gift cards. 

Basic functions performed by Akart software:

Support for card issuing, including:

  • generating card issuing,
  • generating paths for cards from a given issue,
  • possibility to divide issues into packs (optional),
  • activation of the issue (or the pack),
  • authorization of cards for sale.

Online authorization of transactions with the use of gift cards on POS:

  • sale (activation) of cards,
  • cancellation of sales,
  • card payment,
  • cancellation of card payments, 
  • card top-ups,
  • cancellation of top-ups,
  • card refunds,
  • cancellation of refunds,
  • inquiry about card account status.

Administrative and special functions:

  • management of program users,
  • management of store list,
  • blocking and unblocking of cards,
  • issuing card duplicates,
  • clarification of unconfirmed transactions (when a POS machine does not get a confirmation of a successful completion of a card transaction).

Card and transaction list search performed according to a complex key.

Generating reports.

The scheme above does not allow for the possibility to divide issues into packs. Packs can be created by loading single cards or by entering the card number range. When creating a pack a recipient must be added - it can be a store or an external counterparty. Cards from the pack are active only after pack activation (pack activation activates cards). The subsequent card life cycle is identical to the one for cards issued that were not divided into packs.

Basic features of the solution:

  • cards issued to bearers,
  • cards are not protected by a PIN code 11,
  • cards can have a specified nominal value (printed on cards) or open value – when buying clients can top-up the card with any amount (within the acceptable range defined in the configuration of the program),
  • card top-ups can be allowed or not,
  • cards are in the form of plastic cards with a magnetic strip (in this case, reading cards is performed with the help of a PIN pad) and / or a barcode (barcodes can be used for selling cards, as well as for checking the card account balance done by clients using price checkers),
  • cards may have a scratchable area concealing an eCode, allowing these cards to be used on the Internet (paying in online shops that belong to store chains which issued the card, checking card account balance or transaction list),
  • cards can be used for multiple payments,
  • when returning goods, paid for with a card, a refund can be done onto a gift card – the one that the customer used for paying, or it is possible to issue a new card topped-up with the value of the refund (some stores give refunds in the form of a gift card even if the goods returned were paid for with cash or by credit/debit card).

Akart system consists of:

  • Akart – authorization server program.
  • AkartMenu – authorization server client for gift cards, used to manager authorizations, users, shops, issuing and cards. Available as a desktop or a web application. 
  • AkartWeb – network service that allows access to the methods associated with the support for gift cards – e.g. for  integration with a website – verification of the account balance, payment for websites etc.

Akart program is used by retail chains both for handling gift cards sold to customers, as well as for transferring money to their own employees from their Employee Welfare. In case of the latter, the amounts allocated for each employee are transferred to the accounts of gift cards issued to them.

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