Training and systems implementation

The scope of training and implementations provided by Forcom depends on the business model, and consequently, the needs of each of our clients. It can include full training for all users at their place of work and full implementation or only short training along with verification of the system operation before store opening and assistance after opening.

Full trainings are usually carried out for retail chains having large numbers of employees in each store, e.g. hypermarkets. Full implementation assumes the constant presence of our trainers during preparation for the opening of the store and on-going training for specific users with a range of functionalities required at a given stage of implementation. Moreover, full implementation also includes supervision of correctness of trainees work, progressing of the implementation process, execution of all required actions, as well as resolution of any occurring problems.

Clients who have their own training departments are provided with trainings for instructors/ coaches, and training materials and manuals, or just assistance

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