Hardware management

Perspectiv automatically compiles an inventory of hardware installed in the store chain and actively monitors changes to the hardware configuration, as well as changes to the software that undergoes monitoring.

What is unique about our system and its solution is the mechanism for automatic classification of hardware specification, its version, and software configuration, into classes with identical main technical parameters.

After the implementation of the system, our clients are provided with a quick access to the information on the number of different hardware configurations in the chain of stores, along with a detailed list of stores with devices that match the pattern detected by the system.

Perspectiv is a system that makes it easy to search for the exceptions from the defined rules, locations or configurations different from the pattern.

Examples of monitored parameters of devices:

  • CPU model, motherboard model, the size of RAM installed, the operating system installed,
  • models of hard drives, disk size, hard disk logical partitioning ,
  • the average CPU usage (%)
  • the average memory usage (%),
  • CPU temperature (average and maximum temperature during the day),
  • the amount of free hard disk space
  • devices connected to the POS - fiscal printers, scanners, cashier displays, POS scales, etc. registered in the system or possible to identify automatically.

The central system also contains a device browser, enabling viewing and searching for devices installed in different locations and registered by agents.


List of registered devices

Information about the available specification concerning hardware, can be accessed for each device. There is a possibility to search for devices via a graphical mechanism to create advanced search queries that contain logical conditions, and/or it is possible to display the diagram of the monitored devices in a given location.


Report on the hardware configuration of the workstation 

Diagram of devices installed in the location 

 The workstation monitoring includes: the CPU temperature and utilization, the memory consumption.


Advanced mechanism for defining the criteria that determine the conditions generating alerts.

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