Fiscal printers

The POS software created by Forcom cooperates with selected models of fiscal printers. Adding printers to our offer, we need to ensure their proper operation with our software and their correct performance for at least 5-7 years. When choosing the printer, the following parameters are taken into consideration:

  • quality of design, 
  • reliability – some of out clients use fiscal printers which have to print over a 1,000 receipts per day,
  • printing speed – the speed of customer service is very important, especially in the FMCG stores (discount stores, supermarkets, hypermarket, convenience stores), where fiscal printers cannot cause any delays, even if there is a need to generate additional printouts following the receipt, such as card payment confirmation, top-up purchase or bill payment confirmation, loyalty coupons and others,
  • display,
  • width of the paper roll,
  • paper use
  • paper roll loading method, 
  • available functionalities - both for the fiscal receipt, as well as for the non-fiscal printouts.

The Perspectiv software is adapted to cooperate with the supplied fiscal printers, so that the following are possible:

  • tracking and performing inventories of printers that operate in stores
  • collecting electronic copies of files in a central repository – the Perspectiv program automatically downloads all of the missing electronic copy files to a central repository,
  • reading daily fiscal reports from the fiscal modules of printers, along with central gathering of these reports and generation of periodic reports based on reports stored in a central repository, with the analysis of their completeness.

Our service staff has the permissions required to provide fiscal service of all models supplied by Forcom.

Most commonly supplied models of fiscal printers are the following:

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