Sales support

Sales support and also the seller support is implemented in different ways for various types of points of sales. At the self-service checkouts, the customer get the proposition to purchase additional goods or services. The proposal may be dependent on what the customer buys or based on the transactions history - in the case of a customer registered in the loyalty system. In order to define these proposals, which are displayed on the cashier’s display during transaction, you can use the promotional mechanisms like bonus buy, where displaying the specified message may be conditional upon the fulfillment of defined conditions relating to the transaction.

In stores, where clients take advantage of the sales support (e.g. home electronics stores, home improvement/DIY stores or fashion stores), our software, which is used by the store’s employees serving the customer, can realize much more advanced sales support implemented through:

  • a system of points for sales assistants, number of which is different for various goods (for example, sales of goods from "higher-shelf" is higher-scored than selling simpler equivalent); when searching for goods, items that meet the search criteria are displayed in order from highest to lowest number of points; the program also allows for reporting the number of points collected by individual sellers,
  • suggestions for accessories defined for a particular product,
  • proposing other goods on the basis of the relation: "other customers who bought this product also purchased the following..."
  • suggestions for services that can be purchased for a given item (e.g. the extended warranty, the insurance, the delivery to the customer's home, the installation onsite).

A very helpful feature that facilitates sales in specialty stores is the advanced filtering for goods, including search by attributes defined separately for different product groups. For instance, attributes that we can define for TV sets include: screen size, screen type, number of HDMI inputs, refreshing rate, etc. Owing to that, we can search for all products with a specific set of features.

Our F3i price checkers may also facilitate sales rate. After scanning the product code, price checkers can display any information (texts, photos, videos) defined for this product; for example information about active promotions for this product, information about goods recommended to purchase along with this product, recipes including the product (if interested, a customer can take a picture of a given recipe), or promotional videos presenting how to use the product (e.g. for power tools).

A separate tool supporting sales is a loyalty system that allows customer segmentation (i.e., generate personalized promotions to specific customer groups or even individual customers), especially if it is connected with the mobile application that acts as a channel of communication with the customer.

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