Label print management

Label print management in the Market program includes:

  • management of formats (types) of labels - you can define multiple label formats, differing in size, printed information and graphic design,
  • assigning label types and default numbers of labels for goods (goods may be exposed in several places, e.g., at each POS, you should always print the right number of labels),
  • automatic addition of labels for printout, done if prices, names, or other basic data of particular goods undergo any changes,
  • possibility of manual addition of labels for printout, done for specified items. It includes  changing types of labels and the number of labels for given products,
  • printing labels - with the possibility of distinguishing between types of labels (labels are mostly printed on mats overprinted with required graphics; for each type of label you should insert the appropriate mats in the printer), as well as with the possibility of printing labels for the indicated date (e.g. "for tomorrow"). It may include printing all of the labels, or only the ones defined by a given user ("only mine"),
  • verification of labels on shelves done with a portable data terminal.

Product labels can provide any information, for example:

  • Product name (the name from the basic product data or, if it is defined, the name specially designed to be placed on the label).
  • Sales price.
  • For promotions: the standard price is crossed and the date of the promotion.
  • PLU code.
  • Brand.
  • Date of printout.
  • Sales unit of measure.
  • Base unit of measure.
  • Sales unit to base unit value conversion.
  • Conversion unit of measure.
  • Sales unit to conversion unit value conversion.
  • Price of the conversion unit.
  • Location code in the store.
  • Text regarding recycling printed on the label "Recycling fee included".
  • Value of the recycling fee.
  • Sales price without the recycling fee.
  • Sales price with the recycling fee.
  • Name of the grouping (any level).
  • Any attribute defined for the item.

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