Market is a complete store management system. It includes both, the sales system – Front Office, as well as the complete service system for stores’ logistics facilities – Back Office. It is integrated with other systems installed in stores by Forcom, such as EFT transactions management systems, loyalty system, weighing system (labeling scales, packing machines), electronic labels and others. What is more, the Market program is also integrated with central systems, both the ones developed by Forcom, as well as those from other providers. 

The system works successfully in store chains of various sizes (from the smallest with one workstation only, to the largest hypermarkets), characteristics (from small convenience stores and newsagent’s to discount stores, supermarkets and hypermarkets, household appliances stores, home-hobby-garden stores, fashion stores, as well as gas stations), or ownership model (chains with their own stores, stores run by agents, franchises).

Market also supports retail chains which are very strongly controlled by the head office but also those which are partially independent in their choice of goods and suppliers, and those fully independent, each of which is a separate business entity. 

Solutions and functionalities available in the Market program are based on our experience gained over 20 years of adapting the program to the requirements of the largest retail chains operating in Poland (mostly foreign ones, due to the specifics of the Polish market). We focus on large retail chains, adapting our software to the needs of each of our clients, both at the implementation stage, as well as cooperation in the following years.

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